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Product FAQ

Handheld 3D Scanner EinScan-Pro FAQ

Date:2016-07-08   Reading:2514

1. PC Configuration:
OS:USB Port X 2 (USB2.0 or USB3.0)
Graphic Card: Desktop: NVIDIA GTX series graphic card(660 or higher);
Laptop : NVIDIA GTX series graphic card(960 or higher)
CPU: Dual Core Processor (I5) or higher is recommended.
Display Memory: >2G
Memory Storage: 8G or more

2. Download website:

3. Workplace:
Normal temperature, indoor, without sunlight, without direct strong light

4. When Do Calibration
1)First using;
2)Long-distance transportation;
3)Falling from a height;
4)Poor scanning;
5)Periodic calibration (A month for example)

5. Scanning Object:

1)Light color, non-reflective, non-transparent. Otherwise, the object needs some treatments.
2)Except Hand-held Fast Mode, others are not recommended for scanning body; With Handheld Fast Mode, make sure the man be still during the scan.

6. Points for attention:

1)Distance: About 40CM, distance indicator is green, or the distance bar is in the middle.
2)Brightness: Adjust the brightness; take a preview, and see if the setting is OK

7. The light is blue light of LED, harmless.

8. Software Error:
1)Lack of .DLL file: The OS is lack of a system file, contact technician
2)Software stop working and crash:Please check if the graphic card is suitable; Update the driver to the newest version in NVIDIA (

9. Using of software is not smooth:

Update the driver to the newest version in NVIDIA (

10. In Fixed mode(without reference point) and Rapid mode, scan data is miss alignment:
If the outlook of object is simple, or the features are the same, please use other scan mode (with reference point)

11. With fixed mode, scan data will not be aligned automaticly:
Between scans, there are no overlap or at least 3 pairs reference point in common. Please decrease the turn angle or distance, add more reference points

12. In HD mode, warning of lose tracks; no data adds to model:

1)Check 6
2)Keep steady, not too fast when scanning
3)Add more reference point

13. In Rapid mode, the view window keep still, no data is add to the model:
1)Check 6
2)Keep steady, not too fast when scanning
3)Keep scanner facing the scanned region directly; For special region, a little angle will be OK

14. Detail choosing:

Choose according to the size and requirement. High detail means large data. And the data will exceed the capacity of PC.

15. Mesh mode:

For work of art which is complete scanned, you can choose Watertight mode; Other choose ordinary mesh


Technical Support
Tel: +86-13738029764
QQ: 3410260545
Skype: einscan_support

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