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Product FAQ

Metrology 3D Scanner FAQ

Date:2016-07-08   Reading:1797

 1、Why the camera view of the software is black?
Please check the connection of the two camera use cables, it will give black view when camera when camera lose connection.

2、Why calibration failed?
It should be select the right range before you do calibration.

3、Why the point clouds taken by scanner have periodic stripes?
It happens for two reasons: One is instability of the ambient light with the stroboscopic
light source (such as fluorescent light, etc). It is supposed to remove the light source
and arrange the machine according to the manual instruction. The other may be that
there are vibration sources around the workplace (such as the machine with a large
vibration, etc). Stay away from the vibration source and keep the environment quiet.

4、Why the data quality is poor?

Please confirm that:
A.The black cross is adjusted to clear.
B.The distance of the object to the scanner head is suitable.
C.The focus of the two cameras are adjusted to clear.

5、Why there is no signal from the computer?

Please confirm that:
A.The projector cable is connected to the video card of the computer.
B.The dual monitors are set properly.

6、Why scanning accuracy is reduced suddenly?

It may be accidentally collided in use, please calibrate the system again.

7、Why the scanning system always need to do calibration?

The scanning system will lose accuracy while the two screws on each camera are not be tighten.

8、Why cameras window view often get stuck and software crashed?

Please check the connection of the camera usb to the computer, and If the usb ports of the computer are lack of power, then the cameras will get stucked.

9、Why the software always crashed when open?

Please make sure the c++ patch have been installed properly.

10、Why object can be seen in camera, while a large amount of cloud points are missed?
The object does not stay in the calibration range. Please adjust the object’s position according to the vertical red cross followed the manual instruction.


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