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Product FAQ

Desktop 3D Printer FAQ

Date:2016-06-23   Reading:2520

 1. The filament can’t be loaded and make a sound.
Reason: Poor quality filament, or forget change filament before it exhausted.
Tools : M2.5 Hexagon wrench and a Phillips screw-drive.
Solution: Please see the video or document instruction named “Deal with the blocked filament”.


2. Model can’t adhered to platform.
The model edge warp or totally out of the platform.
Reason:(1)New platform is too smooth to adhere the model;(2)The model is too big;(3)It is also relevant with the shrink rate of filament.
Solution::Put glue on the platform, or reduce the strip rate。


3. Model can’t be adhere to the base raft
The model edge warp or totally out of the base raft.
Reason::New user don’t know the function of strip rate.
Solution::reduce the strip rate or add the temperature.


4. Nozzle is surrounded by filament
The filament which is not extruded on the model,but turn round the nozzle.
Reason: Model can’t be adhere to the base raft of platform
Solution: Clean the nozzle after heat it.
Tools : Tweezers,M2.5 hex wrench,gloves,Cooling protective cover(it can print by yourself


5. 3dstart software can’t connect to 3D printer or control it.
It can’t find serial NO. in 3dstart software
Reason:(1) The drive path didn’t install correctly; (2)Forget register serial NO.
Solution: Re-install the drive of printer and register the serial NO. You can find technology support if the problem can’t be solved.


6. 3D printer can’t read the data in micro SD card.
The 3d printer screen show “ no SD card”。
Reason: (1) Einstart 3D printer can’t read the .gsd file named by Chinese word, and it only show 6 characters add number if the name above 8 characters;
(2) Pull out or plug in Micro SD card when the power on will cause the 3d printer
can’t identify the micro SD card.
Solution: pull out or plug in Micro SD card after shut down the printer;use English and Arabic numerals name the .gsd file


7. The temperature shows abnormally
The screen of printer show temperature as “002/000” and printer heat can’t raise up normally.
Reason: if it shows “002/000” means the wire of temperature sensor is poor connect; but if it shows ”248/195” means the temperature sensor is broken。
Solution: Change cable or temperature sensor.(video and document)


8. The temperature can’t raise up.
Reason: There has faulty soldering in electric components or voltage instability.
Solution: (1) It should change cable if the wire of heating tube is poor connect;(2) Heating tube need change if the wire has no problem;(3) it is only to change mainboard if the solution above has no use(video and document).


9. There are many apparent stripes ion the model.
Reason: It is normally that there are some tiny stripes on the model. But it is means the moving of z axis has problem if the stripes is too apparently.
Solution: Put some grease on the guide rail of Z axis, but the printer has to return back if the problem can’t be solved.


10. the platform swing side to side during printing.
Reason: the fixing holes was widen that the screws can’t be tightened
Solution: Change fixed plate under platform.


Technical Support:
Tel: +86 571-83821911, +86 18358127686

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