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Product FAQ

Dental 3D Scanner FAQ

Date:2016-06-23   Reading:2974

 1.Q:Which type does Shining 3D scanner belong to, how many axes does it have?
A:Shining 3D AutoScan dental scanner is a non-contact structured light 3D scanner and contains two axes, rotation axis (X axis) and swing axis (Y axis).


2.Q:Where is the Shining 3D dental scanner used for dentistry?
A:It can be used for acquiring 3D data of fixed prosthesis, removable prosthesis, implant case and orthodontics models.


3.Q:What scan types does shining 3D dental scanner support?
A: It is capable for scanning working model, opposing model, bite registration,study/pre-operation model, wax-up, artificial gingival, implant model with scan bodies, unsectioned solid model as well as impression.


4.Q:What kind of format files does shining 3D scanner output and which dental CAD software can use the files?
A:Shining 3D AutoScan dental scanner is an open scanner,it outputs STL format scans and OBJ format scans -  for texture scanning. Open files,in particulaor STL files,can be used directly in such as exocad, delcam and 3shape software. And shining 3D AutoScan system is fully integrated with exocad software,user is able to create order,perform scanning and modelling in a seamless workflow.


5.Q:What's the requirement of PC connected with the scanner?
A:You need a decent PC for the 3D scanner. We recommend specification: i7 processor, 8GB RAM,nVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, 500GB HDD and 64 bit Windows 7SP1/8/8.1/10. We don't recommend any graphic card except nVIDIA GeForce card.


6.Q:What main accessories come with Shining 3D dental scanner?
A:2 USB cables, power adapter, power cable, dongle, calibrate plate(Caution: DO NOT scrape the surface dot); 2 model fixtures,die plate, hex socket driver and installation file disc.


7.Q:When shall we calibrate the Shining 3D dental scanner? And how often shall we calibrate the scanner?
A:We need calibrate the scanner when: new installed and reinstalled scan program; the scanner is transported from one place to another; the scan data is not aligned or merged well.In general, the scanner should be calibrated once a month.


8.Q:How to solve the following error message: E0226/E0227/E0209.
- E0209:No software dongle is detected. Please check whether the dongle is inserted; if it is inserted, is the dongle lighted up? If not, reinstall dongle driver again or contact Shining 3D dental products support.
- E0226:Software dongle is not compatible with the software version.Please contact Shining 3D dental products Supporter to upgrade the dongle.
- E0227:Software dongle Shining 3D dental products Supporter to extend your dongle.


9.Q:How to apply the dongle upgrade or extension Key file received from Shining 3D?
A:Locate SecureUpdateUtility.exe from C:\shining3d\SentinelUpdate and excute it,then apply key file following on-screen instrction.


10.Q:How to bind EXOCAD with shining3d dental scan program?
A:Open the binder tool from C:\shining3d\Dentalscan\ScannerBinder.exe, then click the"Select" button to loacte dentalDB shortcut icon, select it and click ok. Close the binder tool.


11.Q:Is there any 3D file viewer in shining3d scan program or EXOCAD program?
A:Yes, STL or OBJ file can be opened and viewed by SnDentalViewer.exe(c:\shining3d\dentalscan\SnDentalViewer.exe) or ExoViewer3D.exe(/DentalCADApp/bin/ExoViewer3D.exe)


12.Q:What preparation should be done before contact Shining 3D to seek technical support?
A:Please prepare information as following: description of  the issue you are experiencing  and attach the error message image if you have one, scanner serial number, dongle number and calibration plate number.
Scanner serial number: on the back of the scanner start with Autoscan
Dongle number: on the surface of the black dongle start with DC
Calibration plate number: on the back of the calibrate plate start with CP


13.Q:Whether calibrate plate can be used for other Shining 3D dental scanner or not?
A:The calibrate plate is universal for each shining 3D dental scanner except ds300, but the corresponding calibrate plate encode file (*.PLE) must be used correctly.
The calibrate plate encode file location: c:\shining3d\Dentalscan\encodeplane\
There is a serial number on the back of the calibrate plate, start with cp.
If you don't have corresponding PLE file, contact Shining 3D dental products support and we will provide you file. Once obtain the file,copy it to c:\shining3d\Dentalscan\encodeplane\

14.Q:How to do if get Error message:Initial scanner failed?
- Check if the scanner is powered on
- Check if the USB cables are connected firmly, please try unplug and plug cables 
- Current graphic card doesn't support“GPU mode”. Please uncheck the option from software settings. 
- Wrong INI files being used.  Please go C:\shining3d\DentalScan\iniconfig and find the relevant INI file folder according to the scanner model(each folder named by scanner model has an INI folder); copy entire INI folder and replace the original INI folder C:\shining3d\DentalScan\ini


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