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Product FAQ

Laser Engraving Machine FAQ

Date:2016-06-23   Reading:1249

1.Q: Once device installed, there is no laser while clicking “light on” in 3Dcraft

A: when power on, the laser unit should be preheated for 2mins. If problem still
there, please check the com port from my computer- properties- device manage-
com port. It should be same with com port in laser controller software.

2: Q:After switched on, but platform can not move by clicking action button?
A: reconnect the cable between PC and machine.


3: A: start machine by rotating key, no power, no response from machine?
B: check emergency button whether is on or off.

 4: Q:when platform moves and stop to the end of motor give alarm or something like abnormal sound?

A: checking limitation switch is necessary if its broken or not

5:Q: When needs to be block engraving ?
A:As the maximum one-time engrave size is 80mm. So suppose dxf size is bigger than
80mm in X or Y axis, we have to use block tech .

6: Q: Why block line is visible?
A: there are three reasons caused this issue.1: improper block parameter.
Not perfect calibration. 3: galvonometer is not level with platform

7: Q:Why crystal breaking during engraving process?

A: 1: Decrease laser energy by adjusting LD current. 2.enlarge the points distance
to less the total points in 3Dvisoin software.

8: Q: Why image comes fade in crystal?
A: 1: increase its energy by adjusting the LD current 2: increase total points
by decreasing points distance.

9: Q: Why image inside crystal lacks of some points?

A: clean the crystal surface before engraving process start.

10:Q: the image inside crystal shifts to certain direction?
A: adjust the platform offset parameter from laser-parameter-motor cloudpoint-
offset. Change corresponding X,Y or Z

11: Q: the 3d model quality build by 3Dvisoin is not good even distorted.
A: make sure have done the calibration process, and environmental light is not
strong enough.

12 Q: Raster flash light or texture flash light dose not flash during snapping .

A: That’s because the voltage on board inside camera decreased, or board itself has breakdown.

14: Q: lack of face part or background missing after get 3Dmodel in 3Dvision?

A:change the window size from 3divison software-model- build option -3d policy.
Besides, close to the background when take photos.

15: Q:when use “select tool” in 3D vision software, it comes white area when select.

A: The problem occurs frequently under win7. Please change the desktop theme
Right click- individuation- window classic


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