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Getting Familiar with 3D Scanning

Date:2016-12-09   Reading:3327

 Getting Familiar with 3D Scanning




How to gain proficiency with the EinScan-S from SHINING 3D

Newcomers to 3D scanning and printing are often overwhelmed by the challenges of learning how to use this exciting technology. If you are new to the 3D scanning and printing world, then the EinScan-S from SHINING 3D may be just what you need.  To learn more about the EinScan-S, check out these videos or


Another way to get familiar with 3D scanning and printing is to learn from the hands-on experiences of others. The following user experience was shared by SHINING 3D’s customer Mike, who carefully researched different scanners but chose the EinScan-S as his optimum solution.
Mike was attracted to the EinScan-S because he needed to reverse engineer large parts with reasonable accuracy (0.1mm). He chose the EinScan-S because it is capable of scanning a wide variety of differently sized objects. The maximum automatic scan envelope is 200X200X200mm (7.87-inch cube) while the free or manual scan envelope is 700X700X700mm (2.3-foot cube).


According to Mike, he easily got his scanner working with his MacBook but made many “newbie” mistakes when trying to convert files into a format for modeling in his CAD package.”



The EinScan-S – Fast, accurate and affordable

The EinScan-S is designed to capture high quality 3D data for use with CAD software and this is exactly what Mike needed. Once he learned the basics of how to use his 3D scanner using the readily-available product tutorials, he has been able to produce high quality 3D models the meet or exceed his accuracy requirements. Plus, he’s producing models faster than ever before (A rotational turntable scan takes less than 3 minutes to complete which is 3 to 4 times faster than any other competitive 3D scanner).


Results and benefits achieved


                              “Great results and a true testament to SHINING 3D ease of use!”



Mike is now using the EinScan-S 3D scanner on a daily basis for



all his reverse engineering needs. Furthermore, since the scanner outputs in standard file formats such as .stl, or .obj, he can now use his models in his 3D CAD application which dramatically increases his productivity. And since all digital models captured by the EinScan-S are 3D print-ready, Mike saves even more time because he doesn’t have to do any additional editing or optimization.  




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