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Sl33pydog: EinScan-S Realizes Your Free Design Dream

Date:2016-12-08   Reading:4343

 What will you do in your spare time? Will you explore something you have interest in or something relevant to your current work? Sl33pydog, a Structural Design Engineer for aviation, shows us his creative off hours to adapt anything he wants with SHINING 3D EinScan-S Desktop 3D Scanner.





During the EinScan-S Scan Sharing Act, we noticed Sl33pydog’s works on Thingiverse, which showed his creativity. It's a great pleasure to have a chance to discuss the application of EinScan-S with Sl33pydog and questionnaire is adopted for the interview this time.


Sl33pydog’s story can be traced back to his school-days, when he worked on reverse engineering equipment for current use and to make adapters and tools for the lab as an undergraduate researcher, which occurred to him that he could do this as a job and he indeed have been designing ever since.


Sl33pydog first started out on unigraphics which is now known as Siemens NX and also Solidworks. From there he has moved around to fusion 360 and other parametric cad software. At the lab he had access to traditional machining and SLA to create models/parts.


Like all office workers Sl33pydog does the day job, and works on creating and fixing parts as a Structural Design Engineer in a very well known aircraft company. By night, he creates anything. He had made drone parts to household items and then created the physical parts on his homemade cnc and solidoodle 3 modified by himself.


“Like for example my truck. I wanted the Tesla experience with a large screen display so I used the Einscan-s to scan my dashboard.” says Sl33pydog.





The video Sl33pydog shot shows the process how does EinScan-S work inside the Dodge Dakota.





The scan process was taken at low resolution on dark settings. About 20 captures were taken. Sl33pydog said more could be done if he had used his desktop. “I was only using half of an Acer Iconia with an i5 and it was having some issues.” Sl33pydog says.





The creativity is that through scanning the dashboard, all the attach points are obtained so that it is accessible for Sl33pydog to make a custom mount for a large touch display that he can use with a raspberry pi or Mac computer to create an awesome sound system/other stuff like a Tesla.


“Other projects including making drone kits and household items like making a projector mount that I don't have to drill in the wall. It will just use those 3M sticky mounts for a safety mount.”


For the projector, Sl33pydog hoped to mount his LG pf1500 to a free standing mount with a single screw that lifts the projector more than 7 foot off the ground without drilling into the wall.





Sl33pydog used 1/4" pipe and 1/2" pipe for the supports. Bondo and metal spray paint are used to finish off the top adapter since that will be visible to all. "I used that color paint and layered bondo to make it look like a really bad looking concrete/metal casting. I treat it as art but I could have gone the smooth route and made it look like injected plastic." Sl33pydog says.


The main goal for Sl33pydog here was to not only get his projector up without drilling holes in the wall but to also test the 3D scanner and use it in CAD to make an adapter.





Actually, Sl33pydog had also tries other softwares for his design. It worked perfectly even though Siemens NX has difficulty grabbing onto stl faceted files. Solidworks does a better job.


“All in all I really like the scanner. It has proven very effective in creating a digital library of all of my stuff, such as my Weller WES51. I will be scanning more in the future so that one day I can make custom boxes for all.” says Sl33pydog.


For both projects the freescan feature is used. Sl33pydog told us that it would have taken days on the dashboard with a caliper of which he wouldn't have been able to get the proper contours. For the projector he would have had to make a simple box as a representation but now he has everything including all of the locations and sizes of the ports and it’s possible to make the side holes for connecting hardware.


Pros Sl33pydog listed:

  • High Accuracy

  • Two Scan Options

  • Scan Envelope

  • Scan Speed

  • Simple to Use


“I like the software package a lot. It's touch friendly for tablets, it’s fast and the auto align is a blessing to work with. I like the form factor of the unit and the fact that the turntable is separate and not always needed to scan.” Sl33pydog adds, “That was the number one reason that I got this scanner since I could take it to my car and scan surfaces.”


Before the end, Sl33pydog gave his best wishes and expressed his expectations to the new product EinScan-Pro Handheld 3D Scanner.


Shining 3D Team
Instagram: shining3d


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