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SHINING 3D Empowers Students with 3D Printing and Scanning Technology

Date:2016-12-08   Reading:3362

 Why bring the power of 3D printing to education?

Many schools like the Hangzhou Xingzhi Middle School try to foster and grow their students’ design creativity. The school recognizes the important role these students will play in the future so they push their creativity as much as possible. 3D scanning and printing are playing an increasingly important role in education because additive manufacturing solutions empower students to innovate more freely. By applying the concept of “additive and subtractive art” to 3D design, Hangzhou Xingzhi Middle School students driven by curiosity and the pursuit of innovation are challenged to think differently thus inspiring their creativity.


3D scanning and 3D printing in the classroom

In November, the 3D Creative Curriculum was delivered successfully by SHINING 3D during an international exchange between the Singapore Kranji Secondary School and the Hangzhou Xingzhi Middle School.









The hands-on curriculum was divided into three sessions and was made available to the students in 3D technology club from Xingzhi Middle School.

  1. 3D Scanning – capture the physical characteristics of an object including its color and texture

  2. 3D CAD software – manipulate the resulting digital 3D model

  3. 3D Printing – creates the real-world prototype


Texture 3D Scanning Session​

To start off the training, the SHINING 3D training staff introduced the idea of a digital model to the students. Using the EinScan-S 3D Scanner, they captured a digital model of a banana. Although those attending the course were well versed in reverse design, they excitedly exclaimed “banana!” when the full color model of a banana suddenly appeared on the computer screen.





3D Software Modeling Session

The next session was on modeling using Rhino software as a CAD (Computer Aided Design) solution. A simple and small plate model was chosen as the learning example because it was the first time these students had been exposed to CAD software.  









3D Printing Session

In the third and final session, the trainers introduced 3D printing theory to students and then solidified the training using actual printing examples. The students learned the process of 3D printing by witnessing the complete scan-to-print process.







To conclude their unique learning experience, the students got to add their own names to their now “bespoke” models, 3D printed with the help of SHINING 3D trainers.

“It’s amazing to own a ‘name brand plate’ designed by ourselves!” the students enthusiastically exclaimed.





Giving students the opportunity to develop creativity

The 3D technology club in Xingzhi Middle School combines information technology with science and art and continues to seek information from other diverse industries. For example, a recent collaboration between the 3D technology club and the pottery club has resulted in useful pottery with artistic expression and newly developed 3D functional qualities. That’s one most excellent way that the progressive Xingzhi Middle School inspires students to develop their creativity skills.




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