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EinScan-S 3D Scanning for Visual Effects

Date:2016-12-08   Reading:3574

 The Challenge – Using 3D Scanning in the film industry

In our modern society, cinematic film, on-screen actors and computer generated visual effects unite to enhance a movie's story and appeal. CG Clones is a group of award-winning artists whose work has been featured in films, television commercials, and game cinematics.


How to create digital doubles of movie props and actors

CG Clones was founded by visual-effects artist, Miguel Guerrero and together with his team they have amassed more than 14 years of experience in the CG (Computer Graphics) industry. CG Clones were early adopters of 3D scanning and printing technology for use in their commercials and feature films. They became expert in using additive manufacturing technology to capture physical objects and convert them into useful digital “clones” of props and characters. “Our line of work is Visual Effects and for some of our projects and features, we needed to scan actors to create on-screen digital doubles,” says Miguel.


Miguel pioneered his use of 3D scanning with a large, expensive laser scanner and initially, he used Cyberware to scan just heads and bodies. Their search for affordable and accurate 3D capture technology led them to Shining 3D and the EinScan-S 3D Scanner.


THE SOLUTION – The EinScan-S “easy-to-use, accurate and affordable”

Miguel choose the EinScan-S for his company’s scanning needs because it produces high quality 3D results without the difficulty of learning complicated 3D design software. Another reason for choosing the EinScan-S was because the data quality has a reputation among leading technology professionals as the most accurate of all desktop 3D scanners.


Now, they use 3D scanning to capture everything from props, masks, skulls, environment and much more. They employ Maya, ZBrush and Mudbox to add details and create finished CG assets.

CG Clones technicians are currently using the EinScan-S to scan dentures for use on digital characters. They also scan and create digital models of their maquettes (scale models) for building CG assets.







Results and benefits the client achieved







The EinScan-S 3D scanner can be used by anyone on Miguel’s team to quickly and easily capture 3D models. All they must do is “point and click” and the scan process turns their real-world props and models into 3D digital models. Equipped with both automatic and free scan modes, the EinScan-S is capable of scanning small and large objects with ease and users can easily switch between either scan mode.

  1. Increased flexibility

  2. Improved productivity

  3. 3D scanner that requires minimal training


 “It was the high accuracy and dual-scan option that attracted me to the EinScan-S. Plus, I like that the software is very user friendly,”

- Miguel Guerrero, Founder CG Clones


Industry: Film


Previous Solution: Expensive Laser Scanning


Benefits: Improved productivity, Increased Flexibility, Minimal learning

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