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EinScan-S 3D Scanner Revives Harry Potter’s Magic Wand

Date:2015-12-10   Reading:4583

Just as the birth of the first ink-jet printer that changes the 2D digital technology world and speeds up the spread of words and images, 3D scanning and 3D printing technology almost have impact on every industry and boosts the next industrial revolution globally. It is worth mentioning that Shining 3D desktop 3D scanner and 3D printer play their charms again, like the magic wand of Harry Portter, to help a boy retain one precious memory between his grandpa and him.


Zhu Yiheng, a student from Hangzhou Anjilu Middle School, has one treasure known around his classmates—an alarm clock. However, it is just one common and old-fashioned alarm clock without any lovely shell or advanced configuration. As Yiheng describes, the alarm clock is like a big frog, with big ears and big volumn. What makes it precious is that this is a gift given by Yiheng’s grandpa.

“Grandpa had used this alarm clock for many many years. It was protected quite well, though it looks senile. Every day it accompanies me to fall asleep, just like my grandpa.” Yiheng recalled.



Similar to human beings, clock also met the day of aging. The inorperation of the alarm clock made Yiheng in a low spirit.


It happened to be a day when Shining 3D had some cooperation with Hangzhou Anjilu Middle School, Yiheng found that “the magic box” his teacher broght to the classroom was so amazing that a stereoscopic image as like as the original object appeared on the computer, while the object retated along with a round platform.


It occurred to him: why not remold grandpa’s alarm clock by using this machine? After a simple training, Yiheng learned some skills and make a same clock successfully.



“The magic box” Yiheng referred to actually is the EinScan-S 3D Scanner by Shining 3D. Yiheng used EinScan-S to finish scanning the original alarm clock and 3D printed the shell by EinStart-S 3D Printer. After the installing of 1602 LCD, Arduino Shield and battery, as well as the writing of a program, the alarm clock came into life eventually.

“The little alarm clock could accompany me to gett up and fall asleep now. It’s maker’s technology and 3D technology that make me feel fortunate.” Yiheng said.

Shining3d Team

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