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Cultural Relics

3D Printing Hulk Piggy Bank

Date:2015-01-06   Reading:3148

Combined the EinScan-S 3D scanner with the 3D printer, you can bring your ideas into life in easiest way.


Here is the case .Add components to toys, give them a new life.


Three steps to complete a "Scan to Print" solution in redesign.


1. An old Hulk toy you teatured.

2. 3D Scan the old prototype by EinScan-S 3D sccanner. The 3D model of The Hulk can easily be geted.

then you redesign your Hulk model on your PC. Simplely add a coin entry on the "Back" , turn your Hulk toy into a piggy bank.

3.3D Printing Hulk Piggy Bank by 3D printer.