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OV-10 Bronco Incorporating 3D Digitizing into 3D Model Making

Date:2014-12-15   Reading:8015

OV-10 Bronco was created by United States, used for Multi-tactical reconnaissance and attack purpose, first flew in 1965 and put into practical use in 1968.OV-10 has a total production about 400 aircrafts, In addition to United States naval, air force and marine, OV-10 had been exported to Germany, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Venezuela and other countries.

Now, OV-10 Bronco is Incorporating SHINING3D into 3D Digitizing in Thailand.


1) project name

OV-10 3D Scanning


To get a complete 3D model of OV-10 and make different aircraft models.

3)About OV-10 Bronco

OV-10 looks great with matte Asian camouflage color. Size 14m*14m*5m made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and metal.

2. Difficulty

With this big size, it was very difficult for 3d scanning. Tech folks had to work at night mostly to ensure the best scanning effect. Camouflage color doesn' t allow any damage, so tech folks can not use any scanning developer except for the feature points only. In order to get the complete 3D model of the aircraft within the shortest time, tech folks decided to scan half of the aircraft then symmetrize the other half with software automatically.

3. 3D scanning for OV-10

1) Preparations

25,000 feature points were used for 3D scanning for OV-10. As for the large size of OV-10, point distance was strictly required.


2)3D scanning working flow

In this case, 3D photogrammetry was used to get the framework of OV-10 for the first step, this is very important! Then 3D scanning to get the surface information of the aircraft. To avoid too large 3d data causing crash for computer, tech folks tried to take 3D scanning part by part, by using automatic registration function from software, an integrate 3d data for OV-10 showed up finally.

3) Large data processing

By using the software to optimize the 3d scanning data, we got a complete and Smooth 3D model of OV-10. Actually, we had 3D scanning for half of OV-10, the other half was automatically registered by positioning the center of the aircraft in the software. Then a perfect 3D STL Model for OV-10 appears!

What can SHINING3D do?


SHINING3D specializes in non-contact 3D digitizing technology. We used 3D photogrammetry system and FreeScan-X3 Laser Handheld 3D scanner working as a whole solution helps with large size imaging work smoothly.
High precision blue light 3D scanner is used to identify the surface information of objects. If you do not want any scanning developer, there is no problem for SHINING3D scanner to get high accurate 3D data.
3D scanning software 3DScan 3.0 is so strong that can optimize the scanning data and reduce the most noise then export STL file for many purposes.