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2D/3D Laser Sub-surface Engraving

3D Crystal Portrait Shop

Date:2014-12-01   Reading:3101


Now more and more firms incline to personalized gifts, such as logo identification, propaganda, product launch, business present, trophy, 3D portrait photo, tourist souvenir, region goods, etc, in total it is a profitable business mode.
Shining 3D provides laser engraving machines, 3D Camera, crystal, glass and related service. You can select your own business mode and run a shop in tourist site or shopping mall, making personalized crystal gifts.
Shining 3D has a team of professional designers. They make customized shop design, then you carry on your business based on our advice and experience. We have customers over 50 countries worldwide.


Brazil——Amani 3D Crystal Gifts Counter
Design: 3D portrait photography,tourist souvenir,family souvenir
Technology: 3D photography + 3D model design + crystal design + 3d laser sub-surface engraving
Features: personalized design, higher end customer, localization, idea