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Rapid and precision detection of radar antenna in Navy ships

Date:2014-11-25   Reading:1807

A.Project description :
The project owner wants to make maintenance for radar antenna in the Navy ship, so they have to disassemble the radar antenna for maintenance and cleaning, after maintenance and cleaning, the radar antenna must be reassembled and the mechanical position must not be changed compared with the position that it was assembled before so that the performance of radar would be ensured. Thus, the project owner needs an advanced measurement tool for controlling the position deviation during maintenance and reassembly of radar and realize the target of rapid detection.

B.Solution from SHINING 3D
According to the requirement from project owner, SHINING 3d made 3d measurement and detection on the radar by the dual mode scanner –“OpticScan” 3D scanner. The “OpticScan” dual mode 3D scanner could collect the 3D data rapidly before maintenance and after maintenance. The project owner could compare the data before and after maintenance through professional 3D detection software and get clear deviation report about the deviation between the date before maintenance and after maintenance so that the technical personnel could adjust the radar position during reassembly after maintenance, and the mechanical position would be ensured and performance of radar could meet the maintenance requirement.

The solution help project owner avoid tedious work, moreover it could collect 3D data of radar easily, at the same time, it could make contrast rapidly with maintenance situation and generate the detection automatically, which saves maintenance time and ensures the performance of radar so that it could have more precision time for normal work of radar.

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