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Ship components made by SLA laser light curving process

Date:2014-11-25   Reading:2025

The No.715 institute was founded in 1958, as one member of the world 500 strong enterprises -China shipbuilding Industry Corporation, is located in the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou West Lake, and is our cadre institute that specializes in developing acoustics, optics, and magnetism detection equipment. A few days ago, SHINING 3D was invited to print experimental tool by 3D printer-the Sonar components for ship for No.715 institute.

Sonar is electric equipment that could detect and communicate underwater through acoustic conversion and information processing by taking advantage of underwater transmission characteristic of sound wave. It is most widely applied and most important equipment in field of hydro acoustics.

Solution from SHINING 3D:
The laser light curving process from SHINING 3D could produce large size part in one time, which provides necessary tools for getting more accurate result of experiment .

Related data:
Size: 398 x 540 x 320mm
Process: one -time SLA laser light curing process
Material: photo curable resin
Process time: 35 hours
Consumed materials: 5 Kg

3D data model of back born core

large size model