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Second development of high-end blades from prospecting institute

Date:2014-11-25   Reading:2956

A. the difficulty faced in the development of blades
The institute has to make second development of high –end turbine blades and wants to design high quality drawing quickly and start production. However, most measurement program is to use two dimensional images for measurement, which has limitation in precision and efficiency. The institute has also tried to use hand –held 3D laser engraving machine to scan the part but failed because the scanning precision cannot meet requirement and some of the details could not be scanned. Thus, the institute hopes the 3D scanning equipment from SHINING 3D could collect high precision 3d data of high-end turbine blades. The simple requirements from institute are as follows:
High precision
High scanning speed
Good scanning effect from turbine blades

object picture of turbine blade

B. solution from SHINING 3D:
The turbine blade to be scanned has a diameter of 20cm with smaller size blade inside the part, it is made with metal materials with white surface and dull polished with a little reflection of light. In order to improve the efficiency, SHIINING 3D scanned the part directly by high-end 3D scanner –OptimScan, the customer gave feedback that the scanning result is very good, scanning is integrality, scanning is finished rapidly and the 3D data of whole blade is collected very fast. Compared with other measurement method, OptimScan 3D scanner not only improves measurement efficiency but also make the measurement result more accurate.

STL date collected by OptimScan 3D scanner

The technical personnel imported the data collected by OptimScan 3D scanner into the reverse design software-SHIHIING FORM XOR at site and made a stereogram of turbine blade rapidly. The output data from reverse design software has good compatibility with customer’s software and could generate a two dimensional image.

Stereogram designed by SHININGFORM XOR reverse design software.

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