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3D printing case in manufacture industry

Date:2014-11-24   Reading:3680

Process of 3D printing technology has many kinds, the same as for materials. Each process and material has its own applicable field and usage, no one can replace all others, and following cases are only about some of the process and materials: communication model of oil rig driller

The picture showed above is the driller model for oil rig equipment in Sinkiang; it is mainly used for design assessment and communication, and it also can be used for simple assembly test. The size of the driller model is 200mm, and is printed by high accuracy 3d printer based on the resin light curving principle, production time is 12 hours.

2. direct production of laboratory parts

There are numerous small and big laboratories and institutes all over the country, during scientific research process, the parts used by the expert and scholars are mostly necessary to be customized, however, if they make mold for these parts, it would be expensive and cost much time, which will block the scientific research in our country. Now with 3Dprinting technology, all the parts you need could be made in several hours or in maximum one day; it not only saves much time but also reduces the cost.

The picture showed above is a metal part that has many small cylinders with each diameter of 0.3mm and 0.1mm gap between each cylinder, at beginning, the expert from institute made mold for making it and cost several ten thousands, finally, it is proved that it does not work . However, the metal part was made finally by taking 3D printing technology. This is because 3D technology could realize prototype manufacture no matter how the part shape or structure is complex. The technical personnel from SHINING 3d made this metal part by adopting SLS metal powder sintering technology and cost 2 hours, it help the customer overcome the difficulty of the task that looks not possible to complete and carry forward smoothly the research project.

3.small- batch trial production of plaster parts

The picture showed above is a plaster part that printed by 3D printer from SHINING 3d printing service center for an oversea customer. It was made in one piece by adopting resin light curving 3D printing technology, and it is consisted of 10 plastic parts with a size of 400mm*60mm of each part that could be assembled together. It cost 8 hours and saved 2 working days compared with the time made by machining.

Some of the 3D printers could print Wax prototype directly with high accuracy and high resolution, moreover, it could also make single part directly by adopting lost wax casting method. At present, this technology is applied widely in making jewelry and precision metal parts and become one of the main production ways for producing this kind of product.

Nylon or metal powder 3D printing technology could be used to make high-end products, such as personalized orthopedic implants, special-shape surgical parts and plastic injection mold with special-shape cooling channel. It could produce the products that could not be made by traditional process without limit to the design structure and shape of products.

Contrast picture of efficiency

(1) Left picture: the time for making an injection mold by traditional way is 300 hours; the right picture: the time for making an injection mold with inner special –shape cooling channel is 85 hours (35 hours printing and 50 hours for post treatment).

(2) The cooling time after injection is saved 40%, when the production equipment is not increased, if optimize the design of injection mold, it could reduce the cooling time greatly and increase the output of production up to 30%.

(3) Because the special-shape cooling channel can cool down the temperature equally, thus the quality of plastic injection production would be improved greatly.

Left picture: the cooling effect picture of traditional mold cooling channel , the heat point is 75.5°C; right picture: the cooling effect picture of special-shape cooling channel printed by 3D printer, the heat point is 52.6 °C.

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