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Panasonic (china) has completed the research, development and verification of dust cleaner by 3D technology

Date:2014-11-24   Reading:1251

The R&D and verification of dust cleaner in Panasonic (china) showed design details in shortest time, from which saved time and expense cost more than 50%.
Customer Situation: Panasonic (china) had to send the design program to japan headquarter for verification before, which could cost much time and expense, so if it could find Rapidise with same function and service level in China mainland , it would also finish design verification of new products .
Solution from Rapidise: with the VCM vacuum injection technology that based on rapid modeling, the quality of finished parts is the same with it from Japan counterpart, however, it could reduce the expense cost and time cost greatly, thus could meet demands from customer.
Service scope and delivery date: SLA+VCM; delivery date: in two days.