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Cultural Relics

New 3D digital manufacture model of city sculpture (the FuBo General)

Date:2014-11-24   Reading:1820

The workload to make such as sculpture is heavy and the time to finish the sculpture is also short, after clay modeling a 2meter sculpture, the designer has no time to model another bulk sample, moreover there is no time to cast a mold, pour the sculpture , so the project cannot be finished on time.

According to the requirement from client and actual situation, SHINING 3D scanned the 2meter clay hand sample completely and accurately, but without damaging the model by OpticScan dual-model scanner. No matter complex figures expression and action or the subtle pattern texture, the OpticScan dual-model scanner could collect the data of such characteristics and shows them perfectly, accurately and clearly, the minimum point distance is 0.047mm. After 3D modeling of sculpture and establishment of 3D data base of sculpture by 3D scanning of hand sample, the 10 meter resin model of FUBO general could be rapid prototyped by casting block by block , and then make a copy shell, after the resin shell is made, pouring it with copper smelting . The copper sculpture is finished after breaking the shell when the copper smelting is cold (if the sculpture is casted block by block, it has to be welded together).

C. Benefits from the solution:
1. Reduce the project time much, improve the efficiency and ensure the accuracy of sculpture details, thus, the project could be finished on time.
2. The data record of sculpture could provide detection and repairing evidence for sculpture in the future.

It is a bronze sculpture with a height of 25 meters, shows the bright and brave general ridding on a horse, displays power and grandeur, which is nothing else than in memory of general MaYuan for his brave story and express people’s respect and remembrance for the FOBO general.

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