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Cultural Relics

3D scanning of stone carving in Yang’s cemetery, mother of Empress Wu zetian, and set up the permanent 3D digital archives.

Date:2014-11-24   Reading:4098

A.Project description
With the approval from cultural relic bureau of Shaanxi province and the support from Shun cemetery, SHINING 3D scanned the six pairs of large carved stones in 2010; the scanning accuracy has reached the allowable limit of modern technology. It is the first time to make 3D scanning of carving stone in Tang dynasty and to hand the data of carving stone. The equipment include 3D scanner and photogrammetric system and scanning work lasted for more than one month by overcoming the difficult condition in open air and the high temperature in summer days.

Operator from SHINING 3D was scanning <> carving stone in Sun cemetery of Tang Dynasty by 3D scanner

Photo was taken in summer, 2010, place is Xian yang city, Shaanxi province.

3D scanning site of carving stone -<< running lion >> in Sun cemetery

B.The purpose for collecting 3D data of carving stone

From the ‘day wealth’ stone carving and ‘running lion ‘stone carving black and white pictures that taken in the republic of china era, the surface of the stone carvings has been corroded, however, the 3D data file of the stone carvings gotten from 3D scanner could be saved forever, which provides reliable scientific evidence for protection, maintenance and detection of stones carvings.

data model of ‘day wealth ‘stone carvings

Data model of ‘runner lion’ stone carving

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