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Cultural Relics

Rapid prototyping of precious purple clay teapots and purple clay cup after 3D scanning

Date:2014-11-17   Reading:2343

A. Project demands
Because the original purple clay teapot and cup are precious and fragile, the school wants to obtain the clear shape image and 3D data of details from these teapot and cup, and make items for teaching by rapid prototyping technology. These items are used to observe and study Mr. Jin Zhou‘s style and approach of making purple clay pot for primary producer of purple clay pot.

 B. Project requirement
1.Keep enough detail features
2.Keep the stamp on the bottom of purple clay pot as clear as possible
3.Because the purple clay pot is precious, the safety must be ensured and must not be damaged during scanning.

C. solution from SHINING 3D:
According to the requirement from school , overall 3D data of purple clay pot and cup could be obtained by OpticScan-D-S scanner from SHINING 3D, and the data were sent to SHINING 3D rapid production service center for rapid prototyping .

1.Through optical photography, OpticScan-D-S scanner could collect 3D data of purple clay items but without contacting with the items, thus it ensures that the purple clay items would not be damaged.

Such a 3D scanner could obtain complete and detail surface information rapidly from object surface, especially from the object that has many curved surface. Thus the 3D data of purple clay items could be preserved good and provide the production basis for rapid prototyping of training items

STL data graphs of purple clay teapot and cup

Assembled picture of purple clay teapot by reverse design

Through rapid prototyping of purple clay teapot from SHINING 3D rapid manufacturing service center, the training items that made from prototyping are strong and durable, and completely show the artistic style of the original purple clay teapot. By this way, it could preserve the original purple clay items good, but also provide good approach to learn, observe and study Mr. Gu Jinzhou’s style and approach to make purple clay teapot for primary producer.

The purple clay teapot that made from prototyping is used for training, from which the stamp is very clear.

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