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Cultural Relics

OpticScan-D, the contactless type 3D scanner with white light for scanning the Song Ching -ling white marble statue in the project named 3D digital protection of Song Ching-ling white marble statue.

Date:2014-11-17   Reading:3189

1.Background description of Song Ching-ling white marble statue
The expert evaluation and acceptance meeting for 3D digital protection project of Song Ching-ling white marble statue was hold in Song Cemetery administration office on January 5th. Mr. Chu Xiao Bo, the deputy director of municipal administration office of cultural relic, relevant leaders and experts attended in the meeting.
After hearing the basic information, technical characteristic, expected basic effect, application effect, demonstration effect and derivative effect of 3D digital protection project of Song Ching-ling white marble statue, the expert team made acceptance for this project. The expert team thought that the project achievement shows high and new technology playing an important role in protection of cultural relic, and lays a foundation for better protection of cultural relic in Song cemetery in future, it also provides accurate 3D data for research, protection of statue and copy of statue in particular cases. At the same time, the expert team also gave their recommendation in terms of the importance and significance of project for cultural relic protection, the full application of weathering detection technology of statue and fundamental data.

2.Verification : carry out the copy work of Song Ching-ling plaster statue first – 3D digital protection project of Song Ching-ling white marble statue
In order to verify that the contactless white light 3D scanner, OpticScan-d has high precision data acquisition ability to scan cultural relic (Song Ching-Ling white marble statue) and to match with modern equipment, required by the leader from administration office of Song Ching-ling cemetery, it has to carry out copying work of plaster statue of Song Ching-ling first.

 The first stage: data acquisition – precise scanning by OpticScan-D dual model 3D scanner.

Second stage: processing of data

Third stage: making the copy plaster statue

The sequence: 3D scanning – SLA rapid prototyping –Silicon mold making- finish copy plaster statue. Project period is only one week.

1) Rapid prototyping technology – light solidification (SLA)

1:1 scale model made by SLA technology

1.Make the prototype directly with CAD digital model, rapid processing and short production period, do not need cutting tools and mold.
2. It is able to process complex shape prototype and model or the prototype and model that are difficulty to be made by traditional method.
3.It is intuitive when use CAD digital model and it could also reduce the cost for repairing deviation.
4.It provides sample for test, and could also verify and check the calculation result of computer simulation.

2). Making of silicon mold
The silicon mold is rapidly made on the rapid prototype. The silicon mold could maximum prevent the original cultural relic from any corrosion

1:1 scale silicon mold

3). Making of Copy plaster statue

1:1 scale copy plaster statue

Fourth stage: verification of copy plasters statue data

verification of copy plasters statue data

Collect the 3D data by scanning the copy plaster statue with white light 3D scanner and compare it with the collected data from original cultural relic, and then shows the deviation area and data by Chromatography way. Final deviation of copy plaster statue is 0.249mm (scanning deviation plus processing deviation)

3.The formal digital protection of original white marble statue
The argumentation of feasible solution of making the copy plaster statue of Song Ching-ling has verified that the white light 3D scanner could be used to collect the data of the statue, and the data interface could match completely with modern manufacturing equipment. Thus, start to work on the formal digital protection of original white marble statue.

First stage: Precision control network layout of 3 dimensional spaces

 The purpose to make control network layout:
To build up global coordinated system
To reduce the usage of mark points
To improve the precision of data registration
To scan on any position

Applied technology:
photogrammetric system ( self-developed )
precision is 0.1mm per 4 meters

Second stage: data collection

Applied technology
3D white light scanning system( self-developed by SHINING 3D company)
Singe image precision : 0.01mm
Collection Quantity : 287 images
Storage of Original data : 18GB
Size of 3D model:2.2GB

Technology Characteristics:
Double exposure technology ( self-developed ),with this technology, it is not necessary to spray powder on the statue surface
Shaft Accessory (self- developed), with it, it could scan special position.
White light scanner – it could collect more object details
Scanning of single image is fast – less than 5 seconds per image.
Permanent digital comparison- reference points have been arranged
It does not need exterior light

Third stage: data processing- fine modeling –curved surface optimization- scientific computation – deformation detection – execution comparison

Data registration:
Data registration by 3D scan software at the first time(self-developed)
Professional overall optimization
Precision of data registration is 0.7 um 

Processing of data:
Fine modeling
Optimization of curved surface
Scientific computation
Deformation detection
 Execution comparison
Data precision: 0.085mm

The sequence sketch of data processing

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