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Cultural Relics

OpticScan-D- the dual model 3D scanner for scanning Eastern Han Dynasty Stelas collected in Cultural Relic Management Institute of FeiCheng city.

Date:2014-11-17   Reading:3182

Background Description of real case:
The Eastern Han Dynasty portrait stelas have very high collection and archaeological value, and are the most precious relic in Feicheng city. At present, the copy method is rubbing on the stelas, but the rubbing needs glue and inks, which would corrode the original stelas, so it is necessary to scan it by 3D scanner and then make the copies of stelas according to scanned data, thereby, these two original stelas could be saved carefully.

The photo of portrait stela – figures are very light in color

 No.1 stela: “The carriage and hoarsening on a journey “portrait stone

 “The carriage and hoarsening on a journey “portrait stone was excavated in BeiDaLiu village, Shiheng town of Feicheng city, in 1975, has a size of 2.4 meter length, 0.6 meter height, in which there are 18 figures , 11 horses and 5 carriages in total, and inscribed “ the deputy governor “,” emperor carriage” and “ on journey”. The “emperor carriage “, symbol of the ruling class, was driving in the middle of troops. The man, wear high crown but in plain cloth, wide coat but narrow sleeves, sat in the carriage, surrounded by flag-bearers and carriage drivers in front , generals and bodyguards at backside. The troop drives forward with great strength and Vigor, and is commanding, which shows a great royal progress scene. The carving is a plane bas-relief and very fine, it is a typical masterpiece in Eastern Han dynasty.

No.2 stela
Size: around 1.6 meter length, 1mter height

 Requirement from customer:
1.Collect high accurate digital 3D data
2.One cope of such digital 3D data shall be kept in the cultural relic management institute
Project implementation Difficulty:
1.The stela was destroyed much: surface lines are very light in color and mess; it is difficult to joint together.
2.It is not easy to move due to its weight, the scanning efficiency is low.
3.The color of stela is darker, but in consideration of cultural relic protection, it must not be sprayed with developer, so scanning is much more time-consuming.

Project implementation program
The old program from customer: copy these two stelas only by rubbing method, but it could corrode much the stelas.

Solutions from SHINING 3D: scan big scale of stela to get an overall data of stelas first, and then scan small scale of each section of stone tablet to get the accurate data.

Implementation of project:
Preparation: 1 day
Scanning time: 4.5 days per person
Processing of data: 4 days per person
Hardware equipment: OpticScan-D, the typical dual model 3D scanner from SHINING 3D
Project summary:
It shall scan small scale of each section of the stela by combining scanning big scale of stela so that scanning accuracy and details are guaranteed.
1.Scanning section by section
Small scale scanning could ensure its details; however, montage deviation of scanning big scale of stela is much, so it has to scan section by section on whole stela and join all imagines together into a whole by processing the data finally.
2.Two kinds of scanning range shall be combined
To ensure the scanning quality, scan the stela by each 400 scale on whole stela first, and then scan small section of each 200 scale on whole stela for details.
3.Integrity check of scanning data
All data shall be open for checking whether there is any section that missed to scan when the scanning is finished, if it is necessary, it has to scan the missed section again to ensure the integrity of scanning data.

3D data gotten from 3D scanning

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