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Healthcare revolution brought by 3D printing technology

Date:2014-11-14   Reading:4445

In recent years, with the development of technology, the application of 3D printing technology has broken through from the healthcare field. This is mainly due to the great demands for customized service of personalized products, but few batch productions. So just as 3D printing technology is, with the advantages of personalization, small batch production and high precision, could meet the requirement.

Recently, the application of 3D printing technology in healthcare biotechnology industry mainly includes three aspects:
1.Manufacturing of vitro medical devices – do not need biocompatible materials.
The vitro medical devices include medical models and medical devices, such as prosthesis, hearing aids and Dental surgery template.

prosthesis printed by 3D printer

hearing aids printed by 3D printer

2.personalized permanent implants
Replication of body parts is highly customized service, by 3D printing; these replicated body parts could absolutely fit human body and merge into human body. Take skeleton as an example, the symmetrical skeleton could be scanned when a skeleton has to be replaced, and then print out the corresponding skeleton and implanted into the human body by operation.

cranium printed by 3D printer

3.Cells printed by 3D printer
Cell printing is an advanced research field, which could print human cells into functional models of human tissue that are used for medicine screening in vitro and toxicological test. There are no species difference with animal model and could better reflect the comprehensive pharmacological activity of medicine compared with traditional high throughput screening , so as to increase the success rate of medicine screening .

ear printed by 3D printer

cellular structure printed by 3D printer

【Real case 】by cooperation with WENZHOU Stomatological hospital , SHINING 3D gotten the 3D data of patient’s head, that was injured in a traffic accident ,through CT scanning . With the 3D data, SHINING 3D printed out the injured head model by 3d printer and sintered it by SLS-P Nylon. This head model is used to simulate before operation by doctor, thus, it increased the success rate of operation for patient.

 Name: injured skull printed by 3D printer
Customer: the patient injured in traffic accident
Size of model: 180x120x120mm
Process: sintered by SLS-P nylon
Materials: nylon
Manufacturing period: 7 hours

Medical revolution storm has come; SHINING 3D is committed to make more contribution to the biomedical field:, such as provide accurate data or real 3D objects for medical diagnosis, help doctor carry out more targeted and efficient medical treatment, provide customized service for patient and promote rapid recovery for patient .

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