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Advanced Reverse Engineering Solutions Improve Toy Developing Efficiency

Date:2014-11-11   Reading:3139
A. Difficulties:
The toy is made manually, and then the casting mould will be different from the original design ideas. When it comes down to demoulding, there would be some problems. Firstly, the data does not have parting line, which should be added manually. On one hand we need to make sure demoulding successfully, on the other hand we should keep the surface smooth and fair. 
Secondly, the toy is very small and full of features, which means higher requirement on scanning equipment.
B. Solutions from Shining3D:
Shining 3D recommends the reverse engineering solution, which can realize the original ideas of designer and shorten the development circle.
Equipment: OpticScan 3D Scanner + Shiningform XOR Reverse Engineering Software 
The toy is very small with complicated surface. OpticScan series can capture clear surface information and provide perfect data for reverse engineering. 
Based on the data features, Shiningform XOR can find the maximum contour. Generally, maximum contour could be the parting line. Based on the exact situation, engineer modifies the parting line, with which the sculpting process is carried out carefully. Thus, we need powerful curved surface forming tools and analysis tools. Meanwhile, we should analyze the demoulding situation in time to ensure smooth surface and successful demoulding. 

3d data

Highly experienced engineer is needed to repair curved surface and to decide which part should be reformed. Shiningform XOR can analyze shape automatically, which can help designers indentify surface contour and linear contour rapidly. This improves the quality and the efficiency.

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