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Cultural Relics

Fan Factory Improves Engraving Production Efficiency and Crafts Quality

Date:2014-11-11   Reading:1710
A. Difficulties:
Before purchasing the 3d scanner, LinYun Art Crafts had three Beijing JingDiao machines, but they could not make full use of them. They still engraved bamboo chips manually, which had slowed down the production efficiency a lot.
B. Solutions from Shining3D:
Based on the situation of LinYun, Shining 3D provided them woodcarving scanner series EaScan. Workers could scan the objects and capture the complete data quickly, generating STL data before it was imported into engraving programming software to program toolpath. 


The scanned data of bamboo chips helps workers do technical analysis in the JingDiao machine, and find the point location precisely. Besides, workers scan some fancy flower patterens before imported into JingDiao machine for engraving.
The benefits are obvious. The combination of JingDiao machine and Shining 3D scanner dramatically improves the production efficiency. And professional technicians can spend more time in things like creative design. Furthermore, the final products' quality has been lifted to a upper level.

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