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Cultural Relics

Protection Project of Yanzhou Fine Gold Silver Coffin --- Set Up Integrated 3D Data Base

Date:2014-11-11   Reading:2022
A. Problems:
For historic preservation it requires accurate integrated and fine 3D data without any damage during the measurement procedure.
There are various patterns of character movement with tiny pattern lines. Complicated surface like that we can't get integrated data from traditional measurement equipment in short time, and those complicated operation procedures also increase the working hours.
B. Shining 3D Solution:


3D digital model


Shining 3D ensures OpticScan-D Series scanner in this solution.
This OpticScan-D 3D scanner has minimum point distance 0.047mm. It gathers and performances various human faces & movements and tiny pattern lines integrated high resolution and clearly. 
The 3D digital model of cultural relic helps the museum setting up collection database and 3D virtual demonstration. 
C. Benefit of Solution :
1.Demonstrate and record geometry data of cultural relic, provide integrate permanent digital data for historic preservation. A perfect basis of identification detection repair and copy;
2.Rebuild nonexistent or damaged historical remains based on digital 3D data;
3.Record archaeological site and reappear the real face of remains before & after exploration;
4.Setting up virtual museum.


3D digital model

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