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Cultural Relics


Date:2014-11-11   Reading:5190
A. Problem:
"Da Han Shiliu Pin" is copied from Huo Qubing's grave with two serials of 16 pieces and 12 pieces. Those carvings are too huge and heavy to move. Traditional copy method will damage those precious relics. 
We discover some patterns like saddle on the back of stone bull which wasn't showing up in the original carving. The museum wants us to recover it through data process technology.
B. Solution:



As the contractor of this project, Shining 3D proposed at least 10 sets of program during creation of relic copy. The final proposal “High Resolution 3D Scan & Rapid Prototyping” with “Traditional Glass Fire Technology” had been confirmed by all parties.
Shining 3D adopts Non-contact White Light 3D Scan System which R&D by itself upgrade the resolution of 3D data to 0.01mm level. It is the first time 3D scan technology used in transferring art digitized without any damages.
Equipment List: OpticScan-D + Shiningform XOV + Rapid Prototyping Equipment
"Da Han Shiliu Pin" completes in two years test and manufacture. 
This great work won high appreciation from expertise.
C. Workflow:
1. Scan to get cloud point data;
2. Use software 3DScan to get STL model;

3. Release the saddle pattern to restore this historical heritage.

4. Shining 3D strictly measured every part to make least errors.


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