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Shoe Manufacturing

Shorten Delivery Time of Foreign Trade Orders

Date:2014-11-11   Reading:2133
A. Difficulties:
Mr. Ma Yue, the Chairman of Desma and Rui’an Shoes Machine Chamber Of Commerce, realized the high-quality requirements of foreign customers on the shoe molds, especially the dimensional accuracy, as the impact of the foundry process, blank mould and mold design produced certain deviation that can not be directly used for processing, otherwise the mould scrap rate is extremely high.
On the other hand, stringent requirements of customers on the delivery date also troubled Mr. Ma. Therefore, he hoped to find an effective 3D measurement method to solve such problems.
B. Solutions from Shining3D:
Recommendation equipment:OpticScan-D 3D Scanner
With the features of fast scanning and high-quality data acquisition, OpticScan-D rapidly scanned and measured shoe molds to get parting line. Then the machining surfaces were designed. The time was controlled within one hour, much better than several days before. It ensures the dimensional accuracy of shoe mold and reduced mold scrap rate, also greatly shortened the developing time.

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