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3D Measurement, Reverse Design, Error Analysis of Turbine Blade of 6 meters

Date:2014-11-11   Reading:3374
A. Project Brief Introduction:
Shining 3D had its unique solution for the measurement and inspection of windmill blade. Its experienced technical team was able to solve customer’s problem. The whole process, from preparation to scanning completion, took less than two hours in total. This was much more efficient compared with traditional CMM measuring method in addition to maintaining the overall accuracy within 0.1 mm, with which the customer was satisfied.
B. Solutions from Shining3D::

    Equipment: Shining3D-Scanner+Shining3D-Metric+Reverse Engineering Software (like Shiningform XOR)

C. Process:
1. With the help of SLR from the photogrammetric system, different angles’ surface data of the blade were captured and imported into photogrammetric software 3Dmetric before the framework of the blade would be displayed based on the triangular measuring theory.
2. Photogrammetric system was first used to capture the framework data of the blade, which was then imported into 3Dscan software before the Shining3D-Scanner was adopted for detail scanning step by step. Each scan shall be in aligning with the original framework data obtained from the photogrammetric system. Thus, the accumulative error difference could be avoided and the overall accuracy could be maintained.
3. Import the scanned 3D data into reverse engineering software (like Shiningform XOR) for surface modeling.

4. Use the reverse engineering software to analyze on the built 3D model data for error difference before any modification was carried out if need be.
5. CAD data exported from the reverse engineering software can be used for CNC machining, rapid prototyping, quality inspection, etc.


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