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3D Scanners for Dental Prosthetics, Dental Orthodontics Applications

Date:2014-11-11   Reading:5089
A. Project Summary
Dental restoration needs many steps, including gypsum model making, measuring of the model, false tooth making and trial restoration, etc. If the measuring comes with low accuracy or some errors, the patient will feel uncomfortable. And this design method takes a long time and has low efficiency.
B.Solutions from Shining3D:
Equipment for Dental Restorations and Orthotics: AutoScan
Use AutoScan 3D scanner to get data of teeth model, and then input data into software Shining3D-DentalCAD to do restorations and orthotics, finally input the processed data input CNC machine or RP machine to make dentures.

Teeth Model
Lastly, subtle processing the denture according to patient's needs, then the denture is ready to seat. In this way, shorten treatment and improve the denture accuracy, which greatly improve the denture manufacturing efficiency. 
Seat the denture

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