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Hospital Utilizes The Optical Spinal Surgical Navigation Position System In The Spinal Internal Fixation Surgery

Date:2014-11-11   Reading:1704
A. Difficulties :
Spinal operation is one of the hard surgeries which take pain to patient during operation. It is reported that the spinal internal fixation in surgery of thoracic vertebra or lumbar for bone smaller than 15mm, usually 15~30% nail could not be on the right place causing incomplete fixation, which is harm to surrounding tissues, and ahs bad effects to the patient in post-surgical recovery
B. Solutions :
Equipment Recommend: optical tracker+ the program of the optical spinal surgical navigation position system.
Shining 3D developed the optical spinal surgical navigation position system in view of the existing problem of spinal operation, which brings new tech to Minimal Invasive Surgery to improve the spine surgeon's position determination more accurately.
For a surgical procedure, precision is critical and the system images of the patient must be accurate to achieve the best outcome. In the solution we offer, an optical tracker works in conjunction with CT data can provide the position accurately, which will helps clinician work out surgery solution in short time, and patients suffer less pain than before. The operation risk and difficulty are tremendously reduced, ensures safety during operation. Thus, it greatly improves operation success.
C. Case illustration:

Pre-operation Simulation

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