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Shenzhen Maintenance Base of Lufthansa Improve Efficiency through Using 3D Scanning Technology

Date:2014-11-11   Reading:1644
A.Technical difficulties:
The engine size is large(approximately 2m*2m), LTS hopes to obtain complete and accurate data in a short time, to make the follow-up work to be fast and excellent, which stuck to their strict work purposes. LTS finally choose Shining3D to help getting precise 3D data of the fuselage engine outline.
The scanning data is large, and the structure of the fuselage engine is complex, while LTS want to obtain accurate data in a short time. 3D laser scanner can't complete the scanning work with accuracy and efficiency. 
B. Shining 3D Solution:
3d data
According to the difficulties of LTS, and compared to the laser articulated arm & coordinate measurement, Shining3D decided using OpticScan-D white light 3D scanner + Shining3D-Metric Photogrammetry, to ensure the accuracy of the scan data, and the efficiency of scanning work. 
At last, solutions Shining 3D provided quickly processed the subsequent work, and completed the project in time, which help LTS reducing 30% time of data accessing.
3d scanning