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Inspection, scribing and manufacturing of airplane casting

Date:2014-11-11   Reading:1800
A. Difficulties:
Most Aircraft structures are aluminium alloy castings. Currently, there are two difficulties in processing those castings:
● The adequacy of rough pieces inventory 
● To determine the machining datum on the rough pieces with artificial drawing. Any deviation by mistake will lead to failure and scrap of the entire processed part, which will result in great loss. 
Take a 4 meters aircraft casting for example, five persons needed at least three days to accomplish the inspection by using coordinate measuring machining. Entire work may scrapped because of measurement error.
B. Solutions from Shining3D:
Equipment:Shining3D-Scanner+Shining3D-Photogrammetry +SHININGFORM 
1.Inspection efficiency greatly improved:now it is only takes one day by two persons working with Shining3D products, which needed at least 3 days working with 5 persons before.
2.Full-sacle inspection with perfect visualization, inspection report generated automatically.
3.Precision controlled within 0.2mm, highly satisfy various of demands.