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Boeing 737-NG tail thickness measurement and tail angle 3D inspection

Date:2014-11-11   Reading:2097
A. Difficulties:

1)product material: it is long and thin, prone to deformation; therefore, it requires instant surface data capturing to ensure the completeness and accuracy.
2)Inspection efficiency: each piece takes less than one hour.
3)Accuracy requirement: Each parameter's accuracy should be within 0.05mm.

B. Solutions from Shining3D:
3d scanning
Shining3D Solution: OptimScan + Shining3D-Metric + 3D inspection software Shiningform XOV

Key benefits of Shining3D solution:

1) With Shining3D scanner and photogrammetry system, 7 meters tail thickness can be easily measured to get the whole surface data.

2)Fast speed, it is less than 1 hour, which can decrease a lot of working time and save he manpower.

3) Non-contacted measuring ways can avoid the error because of the deformation from contacted measuring. The accuracy can be surely within 0.05mm.
4) The inspection report is precision and detailed, which can make sure the further adjustment design and production to be perfect.

Tailplane Angular Inspection & Tailplane Thickness Inspection

Partial Surface Fitting, Error Difference Is within 0.05mm