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Pedal part design application

Date:2014-11-11   Reading:2301


A. Difficulties:
The company is about to develop automotive interior mold. The traditional way is to enter the vehicle interior manually for data acquisition , which is low efficiency, low accuracy. And the narrow interior space is hard for large size 3D equipment to measure.
B. Solutions from Shining3D:

 Shining3D aimed to shorten the working duration and reducing the cost for Wuxi Rubber Co., Ltd. With the small size non-contact and portable white light 3D scanner, cumstomer can capture the data of car freely with high efficiency. It only takes 2 hours from the measuring to the output date of the gland, and the data is highly qualified for customer requests. They can use the 3D data for further design, CNC machining, rapid prototyping, appearance and quality inspection, etc.

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