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Structural parts

Higher efficiency of reverse engineering for Knuckle

Date:2014-11-10   Reading:2792
A. Difficulties:
Knuckle is a very important part, and it has very high requirement from R&D period to the final products:
1. Relative position accuracy between each two holes should be less than 0.2mm.
2.High accuracy for the hole.
3.High requirement for the thickness and reinforced part design of the stress areas, which directly affects the lifetime of the products.
4.Reduce the costs for manufacturing.
B. Solutions from Shining3D:
Considering the difficulty of Knuckle design and the exact situation of Wanxiang Group, Shining3D suggests:OptimScan 3D scanner + reverse engineering software Shiningform XOR + 3D Inspection software Shiningform XOV.
This solution can make Knuckle surface data more comprehensive and details. With Shiningform XOV inspection software, we can easily find deformation and damaged place, which can help engineers make improvement for the products.
The entire solution greatly improved the design efficiency for Wanxiang Group to ensure the quality of the product design, reduce design and production costs. The 3D data captured from OpticScan-D facilitates production and testing, which will help archive, quickly established a 3D database of the product, providing a good database for further product design and quality inspection.

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