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3D inspection for auto part mould

Date:2014-11-10   Reading:3688
A. Difficulties:
The mould to be measured is very big and not movable. The traditional mold inspection method is to check parts surface compared with the design surface. However, after the complete installation of the final mold, mold weight makes the CMM machine can’t measure the mold, so it can not determine whether the mold completely consistent with the product design.
B. Solutions from Shining3D:


Scanning spot
Scanning spot

OpticScan-D series 3D scanner can quickly and intensive comprehensive measure of the mold surface, combined with professional Shiningform XOV 3D inspection software easily to solve the mold inspection difficulties, which the traditional measuring equipment can not solve, and to make sure the products size and surface accuracy. 
Intuitive graphical and data reporting show the quality of the mold processing, which help Yantai Sanwa to get more business dealings.

data reporting
(Coordinate Alignment)

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