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Measuring Solution of Whole Vehicles Saves Huge Cost for The Automotive Engineering Institute

Date:2014-11-10   Reading:5363
A. Difficulties:
To measure and generate 3d digital model of whole vehicle efficiently with multiple and complicated curved surface, we need to improve the measuring efficiency and control accuracy. The overall accuracy should be within 0.1mm. 
According to the efficiency requirement, traditional CMM is too expensive and time consuming, which should not be acceptable to the institute.
B. Solutions from Shining3D:
Equipment Recommend: Shining3D-Metric Photogrammetry + OpticaScan-D 3D Scanner
Advanced 3D white light scanning system is incomparable with traditional measuring system in efficiency. It can rapidly capture 3d surface data from whole vehicle with multiple and complicated curved surface, and cut time cost, improving efficiency.
The combination of two equipments could meet 0.1mm accuracy requirement in scanning large sized car. Beside, it’s a portable system which could guarantee project quality as well as save time and labor cost.


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