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BYD Cooperated with Shining 3D to Improve Efficiency and Quality

Date:2014-11-10   Reading:2376
A. Difficulties:
Developers design new product based on considerable 3D data.
BYD developers said objects are different of sizes, complex surfaces, distinct shapes in new product development. For example, the large thin-walled car console, which is very thin and easily deformed. It is hard to get data in normal way, especially the curvature. But developers must get highly accurate data to make modules in 1:1 of product.
They want to obtain consistent, complete and correct measurement data faster, and meanwhile assure the product quality.
3d data
B.Solutions from Shining3D:
One of the traditional ways to get 3D data is to use coordinate measuring equipment, but it takes a long time. The portable 3D laser scanner is fast but its accuracy is inadequate. Shining 3D combind portable 3D scanner with Shining3D-Metric photogrammetry system to satisfy both speed and accuracy.

3d scanning

In this case, Shining 3D apply OpticScan-D 3D scanner and Shining3D-Metric photogrammetry. This solution helps workers get data of complex curved surfaces and objects in different sizes, like large plastic thin-walled part. The Shining3D-Metric photogrammetry locate framework point of data to help workers get accurate data when the scanned data is easy to distorted and hard to align.

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