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Benz Motor Home Seat Secondary Development with 3D Scanner

Date:2014-11-10   Reading:2963
A. Real Challenge:
To satisfy the customer requirement on high product quality, Zhong-Ou Auto Company is looking a better way to reengineer a more comfortable and safe seat in shorter period. 
For a long period, they adopted traditional forward design to develop the structure and appearance of new seat by professional software, but the visual effect of complex surface designed by the software can’t not be demonstrated sufficiently, the designers have to fix the design time by time to ensure the product quality, which extend the development cycle. 
Motor home seat has features of big size, complex surface structure, and softy material, which requires a high measuring accuracy as well. The CMM or other 3D measuring device can’t measure it efficiently. 
B. Solutions from Shining3D:
Equipment Recommend: OpticaScan-D 3D Scanner
Shining 3D offer an effective solution help Zhong Ou Auto company reengineering motor home seat and improving the develop technology, and cuting the development time, assisting them to design a more comfortable and safe seat under the requirement of high quality in the market. 

Real Motor Home Seat
How did Shining3D help Zhong Ou Auto for second design of motor home seat?
• The non-contact 3D measurement method breaks through the difficulty of capturing accurate data, which the softy and flexible seat material results to.
• The average scanning point space is about 0.35mm, which demonstrated the entire surface information. The designers can use them freely. 
• The data captured by 3D scanner can be used not only in product development, but also in quality inspection. Designers can get a clear deformation report and can modify of design immediately after impact testing. 
• Help to complete the 3D measurement and inspection of seat parts, controlling the seat quality from them. 


The motor home seat STL data captured by Shining3D-Scanner

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