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JOYSON Engine Connecting Pipe 3D Inspection

Date:2014-11-10   Reading:3171
A. Challenges:
To improve the product quality, JOYSON make hundreds of inspection and testing on the parts they produced.
1. Because of the structure and material properties, using traditional CMM can’t make efficiently measurement of engine connecting pipe.
2.With the feature of softy material and easy to be distorted, the engine connecting pipe must be measured with expensive auxiliary fixture when using CMM devices. And because of the contact measuring way, the softy objects can’t be measured accurately.
3.When the air circulation system is set up with the fixture, the CMM can’t calculate the deformation error in assembly position state. And a reliable data can’t be offered to support the improvement of the design in product quality control period.
B. Solutions from Shining3D:
Recommended equipment: OptimScan 3D scanner + 3D Inspection software Shiningform XOV
Shining3D offer JOYSON an effective solution with a non-contact 3d measuring system and 3D inspection software helping them to complete product inspection.
JOYSON quite agree with the solution we provided. The Shining3D non-contact measuring system – white light 3D scanner can capture the 3D data of engine connecting pipe rapidly, and demonstrated the geometry structure of the product. Without complicated measuring in the software, only needed to compare the designed 3D digital model to the measured data, than the designers can directly get the object’s structure, shape, deformation error, which will contribute to improve the product design and prototypes.

Engine Connecting Pipe          SLT data of engine connecting pipe

3D Inspection Report

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