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3D inspection for fan driven generator hub

Date:2014-08-23   Reading:6442

A. Difficulties:

The task is to measure size of hundreds of wheels, like height, diameter, depth, etc. If the wheel is not qualified, it is impossible to match with other parts. But wheels are huge, heavy, and it is hard to scan its inner part.

B. Solutions from Shining3D:

Shining3D Solution: Shining3D-Metric Photogrammetry + Z Scanner + 3D inspection software Shiningform XOV.
Shining3D-Metric Photogrammetry calculate 3d coordinates, especially suitable to large work-pieces. And if Photogrammetry work with ZScanner, it does better to control overall precision.
Use scanner to get surface data, meanwhile scan the inner part, so that we can measure all details.
Finally input STL data into Shiningform XOV to compare with CAD model, then we will get detection chromatograms. According to the report, we clearly find the overall deviation between real objet and CAD drawing and furthermore we know the quality, like what protrude or recess. And if work with Shiningform XOV, we analyze relative info of holes and assembly, which helps improve the work-piece and ensure the high quality.

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