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User Stories

Advanced Reverse Engineering Solutions Improve Toy Developing Efficiency

Development efficiency is the key to getting the market share.


Fan Factory Improves Engraving Production Efficiency and Crafts Quality

Suzhou Linyun Art Craft & Fan Factory, boasting of creative designers and professional workers, specializes in producing all sorts of fans, including lady fans, gentleman fans, wood fans, bamboo fans, palace fans, advertisement fans, gift fans, etc.


3D Digitizing Technology Reformed Dong Yang Woodcarving

Dong Yang woodcarving is highly valued and preserved traditional arts and crafts, honored to be one of the first national intangible cultural heritages.


Protection Project of Yanzhou Fine Gold Silver Coffin --- Set Up Integrated 3D Data Base

Fine gold silver coffin was found in underground palace in Yanzhou Xinglong Tower. It defines the shape of coffin with silver and fine gold covering outside, 47cm length 20cm width and 20cm height. The scene of Gautama Buddha nirvana performances is on both left and right side. Buddha and his followers have various actions and look lively and vivid. This is first grade of national historical relic.



As the contractor of this project, Shining 3D proposed at least 10 sets of program during creation of relic copy. The final proposal “High Resolution 3D Scan & Rapid Prototyping” with “Traditional Glass Fire Technology” had been confirmed by all parties.


Shoe Customization, a Hot Consumer Demand

Nowadays, shoe manufacturers not only in competition of design on fashionable appearances, but also in quality improvement to meet the individual needs of different customers. Theshoes manufacturing industry is enter a new era of customization. In Europe and the United States, many forward-looking shoe makers have carried out customization services. In China, this trend is also irreversible.


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