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User Stories

3D Scanning Saves Ancient Babylon Civilization in Iraq

Ancient cities like Babylon, have been subject to years of plunder, neglect and ongoing conflicts reducing them to faint facsimiles of their illustrious past. Babylon has repeatedly been denied World Heritage Site Designation because the city lacks; clearly-defined boundaries, a comprehensive preservation plan and safeguards to ensure sustainable tourism. The future of Babylon is now an essential topic for heritage conservation.


EinScan-S 3D Scanning for Visual Effects

In our modern society, cinematic film, on-screen actors and computer generated visual effects unite to enhance a movie's story and appeal. CG Clones is a group of award-winning artists whose work has been featured in films, television commercials, and game cinematics.


AKE: Shows the Extreme Capabilities of the EinScan-S Desktop 3D Scanner

SHINING 3D is proud to introduce the EinScan-S Scan Sharing Act winner, AKE from Thailand. AKE undertook four ultimate tests for the EinScan-S and selected EinScan-S as his ultimate choice for Architecture and interior design.


EinScan-S 3D Scanner Revives Harry Potter’s Magic Wand

It is worth mentioning that Shining 3D desktop 3D scanner and 3D printer play their charms again, like the magic wand of Harry Portter, to help a boy retain one precious memory between his grandpa and him.


Getting Familiar with 3D Scanning

Newcomers to 3D scanning and printing are often overwhelmed by the challenges of learning how to use this exciting technology. If you are new to the 3D scanning and printing world, then the EinScan-S from SHINING 3D may be just what you need. To learn more about the EinScan-S, check out these videos


Reverse engineering for turbine blade

Thermal power system turbine blades design is high-end technology in manufacturing sector field. Only a few countries in the world can master. Shining3D cooperate with domestic Institutes to make the reverse engineer and 3d inspection of the turbine blade.


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