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User Stories

3D Scanner Lights Up Custom-made Earphones

Today’s fashionable consumers are demanding made-to-order, unique goods, such as custom-fitted garments, personalized jewelry and so on. And now even earphones are joining the ranks of made-to-measure and custom-built! D·ears is the newest star as a leading Chinese earphone supplier completely devoted to the design and manufacture of custom earphones for the high-end market.


Students Restore Historic Statue

Recently, Xingzhi High School began a comprehensive restoration of their Memorial Hall. Unfortunately, prior to the restoration efforts began, the original Tao Xingzhi Statue suffered damage as a result of an accident.


3D Scanning Boosts Welding Efficiency

Wouldn’t it be great to work in a clean and comfortable welding factory while at the same time boosting productivity and efficiency? This was exactly the challenge undertaken by VRIC (Dalian) Welding Tech Company when they decided to revolutionize their welding technology.


Sl33pydog: EinScan-S Realizes Your Free Design Dream

What will you do in your spare time? Will you explore something you have interest in or something relevant to your current work? Sl33pydog, a Structural Design Engineer for aviation & aerospace, shows us his creative off hours to adapt anything he wants with SHINING 3D EinScan-S Desktop 3D Scanner.


SHINING 3D Empowers Students with 3D Printing and Scanning Technology

Many schools like the Hangzhou Xingzhi Middle School try to foster and grow their students’ design creativity. The school recognizes the important role these students will play in the future so they push their creativity as much as possible.


EinScan-Pro Enables Perfect Orthotic Fit

To enhance patient treatment and to speed up delivery of more accurate orthotic devices, the Zhejiang Recovery Center needed an alternative to traditional plaster casting. They teamed up with Shining 3D to provide a faster, cleaner and less invasive alternative using a 3D scanner, named the EinScan-Pro. This device enables the effortless 3D capture of body parts including limbs, head or torso rapidly and accurately for all patients in a variety of settings.


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