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User Stories

3D Measurement, Reverse Design and Dimension Deviation Analysis of Shoe Lasts

The integrated 3D digitizing solution for shoe mold industry helps us establishing the shoe last digital data base, combining the foot scanning and shoe last design process as a complete solution. By that, we can modify shoe lasts easily through the man-machine interface according to customers' special needs in aspects of size, comfort and exercise physiology characteristic. It greatly shortens the shoe customizing making-cycle.


Shorten Delivery Time of Foreign Trade Orders

With the features of fast scanning and high-quality data acquisition, OpticScan-D rapidly scanned and measured shoe molds to get parting line. Then the machining surfaces were designed. The time was controlled within one hour, much better than several days before.


3D Measurement, Reverse Design, Error Analysis of Turbine Blade of 6 meters

Shining 3D had its unique solution for the measurement and inspection of windmill blade.


3D Laser Scan for Provincial Cultural Relics-Luoyang Anguo Temple

Anguo Temple in Henan Province was a royal temple in Tang dynasty. This projects involves 3D laser scan, 2D drawing, 3D model building. Among which, the scanning process takes three days and the data processing takes thirty days.


3D Scanners for Dental Prosthetics, Dental Orthodontics Applications

Dental restoration needs many steps, including gypsum model making, measuring of the model, false tooth making and trial restoration, etc. If the measuring comes with low accuracy or some errors, the patient will feel uncomfortable. And this design method takes a long time and has low efficiency.


Hospital Utilizes The Optical Spinal Surgical Navigation Position System In The Spinal Internal Fixation Surgery

Peking Union Medical College Hospital, since 1921, is famous in China and world for leading strength in medical care, education, R&D.


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