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Innovative 3D inspection process of an auto radiator, water room, using Shining 3D’s FreeScan X5 Handheld Laser Scanner

SHINING 3D received a request from an auto heat exchange system manufacturer to inspect the quality deviation of the auto radiator water room and detect potential problems. Then modify the structure of the product based on test results.


3D measurement and size deviation analysis of 6-m wind power blade

For measurement and test of a large wind power blade, SHINING 3D provides a distinct solution and owns an experienced professional technical support team to help customers to complete the project. Because of the large-size of the wind power which was over 6-m and complex surface, SHINING 3D adopted the DigiMetric Photogrammetry and FreeScan X3 3D scanner to complete this inspection.


Using the SHINING 3D Metrology 3D Scanner for Batch Inspection of Precision Worm-Type Parts

A precision parts manufacturer uses SHINING 3D's OKIO-5M metrology 3D scanner for batch scanning and inspection of precision Worm-Type Parts.


Inspect the Large Gas Turbines by SHINING 3D FreeScan X7 Metrology Handheld 3D Scanner

A gas turbine manufacturer uses the FreeScan X7 handheld 3D laser scanner and the Digimetric photogrammetric system to scan and inspect workpieces of large gas turbines.


3D Scanning Boosts Welding Efficiency

Wouldn’t it be great to work in a clean and comfortable welding factory while at the same time boosting productivity and efficiency? This was exactly the challenge undertaken by VRIC (Dalian) Welding Tech Company when they decided to revolutionize their welding technology.


Second development of high-end blades from prospecting institute

Compared with other measurement method, OptimScan 3D scanner not only improves measurement efficiency but also make the measurement result more accurate.


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