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iSLA-450 Pro Printed Fractured Bone Model Shortens the Operation Time and Alleviates the Pain of the Patients

With the help of SHINING 3D’s iSLA-450 Pro industrial 3D printer, a hospital in Wuhan successfully printed out the tibia and fibula fracture model to aid surgical planning, which reduced more than 3 hours of the operation time.


EinScan-Pro Enables Perfect Orthotic Fit

To enhance patient treatment and to speed up delivery of more accurate orthotic devices, the Zhejiang Recovery Center needed an alternative to traditional plaster casting. They teamed up with Shining 3D to provide a faster, cleaner and less invasive alternative using a 3D scanner, named the EinScan-Pro. This device enables the effortless 3D capture of body parts including limbs, head or torso rapidly and accurately for all patients in a variety of settings.


Healthcare revolution brought by 3D printing technology

Medical revolution storm has come; SHINING 3D is committed to make more contribution to the biomedical field:, such as provide accurate data or real 3D objects for medical diagnosis, help doctor carry out more targeted and efficient medical treatment, provide customized service for patient and promote rapid recovery for patient .


Customer Cases of Dental

Video Demo of Dental , Shining3D provides the most complete digital dentistry solution for customers.


3D Scanners for Dental Prosthetics, Dental Orthodontics Applications

Dental restoration needs many steps, including gypsum model making, measuring of the model, false tooth making and trial restoration, etc. If the measuring comes with low accuracy or some errors, the patient will feel uncomfortable. And this design method takes a long time and has low efficiency.


Hospital Utilizes The Optical Spinal Surgical Navigation Position System In The Spinal Internal Fixation Surgery

Peking Union Medical College Hospital, since 1921, is famous in China and world for leading strength in medical care, education, R&D.


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