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Getting Familiar with 3D Scanning

Newcomers to 3D scanning and printing are often overwhelmed by the challenges of learning how to use this exciting technology. If you are new to the 3D scanning and printing world, then the EinScan-S from SHINING 3D may be just what you need. To learn more about the EinScan-S, check out these videos


Applications of 3D printing technology in automotive industry

3D printing technology (RAPID PROTOTYPING technology) is also called additive manufacturing (abbreviation word is AM);


Pedal part design application

Wuxi Rubber Co., Ltd. is founded in 1983, and located in Wuxi. It specialized in producing all kinds of sealing strips, molded products, plastic products and special performance requirementsproducts


3D inspection for auto part mould

Yantai Sanwa is a joint venture company with Japanese Yamaha Motor mold company, their focus on the design and development of automotive components, mold making, injection molded parts manufacturing, aluminum parts manufacturing, iron manufacturing, personnel training and output, etc.


Measuring Solution of Whole Vehicles Saves Huge Cost for The Automotive Engineering Institute

The automotive engineering institute has strong capacity on independent research and development. It owns the ability of automobile modeling design, engineering design, simulation analysis, test development and evaluation and prototype trial. Thanks to its domestic leading automotive emission, environmental laboratory, first-class processing center and testing methods, the company has assumed many national 863 significant scientific research projects.


BYD Cooperated with Shining 3D to Improve Efficiency and Quality

BYD Auto is one of the famous automobile manufacturers in China, well-known of its innovation and technical strength. In the case, BYD cooperate with Shining 3D in 3d measurement of BYD new car development.


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